You Still See Me Exhibit by Simone Agoussoye, Now Showing at Above Art Studios in New Brunswick

Visual artist Simone Agoussoye’s solo exhibit of black on black artwork, “You Still See Me”  is now showing at Above Art Studios in New Brunswick, NJ. 

NEW JERSEY, April 11, 2023 --- In a moving exhibition entitled You Still See Me, DC-based fine artist Simone Agoussoye displays a solo presentation of her latest works of art. Hosted by Above Art Studios, the collection is available to view from April 8 - May 7, 2023. The opening reception of the exhibition was held Saturday, April 9th and a closing reception will be held Saturday, May 7, 2023. This body of work is a thought provoking commentary on beauty and also the visibility of those whom the world often overlooks.  

Exhibition Dates: April 8 - May 7, 2023
Closing Reception: Saturday, May 7th 5pm-8pm ET
Above Art Studios -55 Morris St New Brunswick, New Jersey 


"You Still See Me is an expansion on the original “I Know You See Me” exhibit that debuted my artworks about seeing and living life as a black woman. Living as a black woman in today’s society is hard to understand if you’re not living it. It’s complex, it’s nuanced, it's unique. Through my paintings, I am inviting the viewer to step into those shoes while exposing the identities of black women of all ages and backgrounds; exploring how the media often depicts them, while also shining a light on their beauty, femininity and strength. With the use of acrylic and oil paints, I paint black women on black backgrounds in a way that the subject seems camouflaged in its environment. In some pieces I incorporate glass, distorting the subject to the viewer'’s first glance. In turn, one is encouraged to stop and stare, and often come back to revisit and marinate in what is in front of them. This pause gives one time to think and have a dialogue with oneself. During this time of contemplation, one can truly see the beauty of the piece and look deep into the struggle of black women living in today’s society - existing, but often being overlooked and ignored, despite being visible and impactful."

Agoussoye fell in love with art as a young child, and continuously followed that passion that led her to an exciting career in art and design. Her experience includes a degree from Art Institute of Washington, a residency with BET AIR’s artist in residence program, a summer-long feature as part of the Phillips Collection’s 2021 Inside Out, Upside Down exhibit, as well as Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum’s Socially Distant Art: Creativity in Lockdown, and a host of other events over the past five years.

Simone’s work is recognizable by its larger than life depictions of recognizable personalities and icons of our current time. Her portraits capture not only her subjects’ striking exteriors,  but also their palpable energy, their tangible spirits, and a wide range of compelling emotion. In recent years, the artist has pivoted to reflect more of her own thoughts in her work, featuring her loved ones and also muses and concepts born of her own dreams.  

Translating and telling the story of black women in America has become a means of catharsis for her, and an overarching theme. It's a story that never ends and can be told forever. As Malcolm X said in his famous 1962 speech, “The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.” This can be true of both America and many countries around the world. Underestimated, ignored, devalued, overlooked while being imitated but erased in narratives. In spite of all this, does this mean that these women’s beauty is unnoticeable, or worse, nonexistent? Agoussoye presents a silent but profound answer to this question in the You Still See Me exhibit. She invites viewers to connect with those who may have to work a little harder for people to see their shine and beauty. Displaying a balance of strength and softness while being black. 

About Simone Agoussoye

Washington, DC born artist, Simone Agoussoye, has been honing her skills in portraiture to concept art for the past several years.  For more information on Simone and her art, visit 

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