Solo Exhibition | You Still See Me
On View: April 8 - May 7, 2023
Closing Reception: Saturday, May 7th 5pm-8pm ET
Above Art Studios 
The Exhibit You Still See Me, is an expansion of Agoussoye's solo debut exhibit I Know You See Me, that talks about seeing and living life as a black woman. Living as a black woman in today’s society is hard to understand if you’re not living it. It’s complex, it’s nuanced, it's unique. Through Agoussoye's paintings, she is inviting the viewer to step into those shoes while exposing the identities of black women of all ages and backgrounds; exploring how the media often depicts them, while also shining a light on their beauty, femininity and strength. With the use of acrylic and oil paints, Agoussoye paint black women on black backgrounds in a way that the subject seems camouflaged in its environment. In some pieces she incorporate glass, distorting the subject to the viewer'’s first glance. In turn, one is encouraged to stop and stare, and often come back to revisit and marinate in what is in front of them. This pause gives one time to think and have a dialogue with oneself. During this time of contemplation, one can truly see the beauty of the piece and look deep into the struggle of black women living in today’s society - existing, but often being overlooked and ignored, despite being visible and impactful.

Group Exhibition | New Visions, Vibrant Memories
On View: July 9 - Sept 4, 2022
Opening Reception: Saturday, July9th 6pm - 9pm
Arlington Arts Center 
In New Visions, Vibrant Memories, five artists examine the past and present of Arlington. They take inspiration from the County’s built environment and the people who inhabit it. Working in painting and photography the artists all bring their unique approaches to considering how Arlington’s shifting landscape has both influenced and reflected the people who live within it.

The exhibition features work by the five artists: Simone Agoussoye, Doug Ball, Hasnain Bhatti, Courtney Nguyen, and Will Salha. The artists all have studios as part of the Art Studios @ ARC3409, two blocks from Arlington Arts Center.

Group Exhibition | The Essence of a Black Woman
On View: December 4th - Sept 4, 2021
Opening Reception: December 4th 7pm - 9pm
Motor House present by Blkarthouse
The "Essence of a Black Woman" intends to present the rich complexity of the Black female narrative and experience through the original artwork of 10 Black artists from around the country, each that spoke to a varying perspectives and portrayals of Black women. Put together, the exhibition allows viewers to intimately learn and reflect upon varying perspectives of Black femininity in America.

Solo Exhibition | I Know You See Me
On View: October 6 - November 26, 2021
Closing Reception: Friday, October 15th 5-8pm
Golden Eyes Black Art from Artist Simone Agoussoye
I Know You See Me is about seeing and living life as a black woman which sometimes is difficult to understand and hard to explain. Through my paintings, I am exposing the identities of black women of all ages and all backgrounds and exploring how the media often depicts them, while also providing a new perspective by shining a light on their beauty and strength. With the use of acrylic and oil paints, I paint black women on black backgrounds - almost invisible - hoping to grab a few extra minutes from the viewer to look beyond the first glance, to stop and ask themselves who, what and why? During this time of contemplation, one can truly see the beauty of the piece and look beyond the struggle of black women living in today’s society - that of existing, but often being overlooked and ignored, despite being visible and impactful. 

Group Exhibition | Inside Outside, Upside Down
On View: July 17 - September 21, 2021
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 16th 5pm-8pm ET
The Phillips Collection
Beauty Mark

Featuring dynamic work across media by 64 artists of the greater DC region, this juried invitational celebrates The Phillips Collection’s 100th anniversary, building on the legacy of founder Duncan Phillips and his commitment to presenting, acquiring, and promoting the work of artists of the greater DC region.

Inside Outside, Upside Down offers a slice of the turbulent past year, one that left us confused, battered, and disoriented. Out of the palpable thoughts and feelings expressed in the works on view, five themes emerged: “Innocence Interrupted” recognizes the young children and young adults whose lives were upended by the constant fear and uncertainty brought on by so much violence and death; “Days of Reckoning and the Right to ‘Be’” speaks to the forced realization that our country is at a major crossroads, as many long-established societal systems have become increasingly out of touch, obsolete, and even detrimental to a population whose needs are constantly evolving; “Bearing Witness” represents the artists who document the times in which they live, making sure that we record, reflect, and remember; “Introspection and Reflection” examines what happens when Washington, DC, is forced to come to a standstill, with some of us sitting quietly with ourselves, while others had to confront the dynamics of their relationships; and “Hope and Healing” illustrates how art has the ability to help us process and heal in times of pain and great loss, allowing us to celebrate the simple joys in life.

Taken together, the works in this exhibition affirm the human need to make sense of traumatic experiences and ultimately transcend them, either by creating from that place or in spite of it. In this way, these works offer a collective call for healing. They invite us to appreciate the beauty in the world around us, find comfort in our family and friends, and unearth the things that are revealed to each of us when life requires us to sit still with ourselves.

Group Exhibition | Socially Distant Art: Creativity in Lockdown
On View: April 8, 2021 - August 29, 2021
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 16th 5pm-8pm ET
Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum
The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum will feature a new exhibition titled, Socially Distant Art: Creativity in Lockdown. Artists from across the United States will include: Simone Agoussoye, Cindy Bernier, Carol Bouyoucos, Megan Chiango, Nat Connacher, Katharine Draper, Ellen Ehli, William Evertson, Rebeca Fuchs, Pat Genova, Barry Guthertz, Gali Katz, Joanie Landau, Sophia Livecchi, Fruma Markowitz, Kathie Milligan, Lake Newton, Julie O’Connor, Michael O’Hara, Alan Richards, Paula Salerno, Charlotte Saunders, Robbii Wessen, and Gregg Ziebell.

Artist and Trustee Gail Ingis, who selected approximately 25 works from digital submissions, said: “The artists selected have a very interesting interpretation of social distancing, isolation, and the multi-faceted challenges they have experienced during the pandemic. Viewers will be drawn into their world and hopefully find it engaging and cathartic.”