What is Abstract Art

Now is that even a real question? That's like asking how to create a mess of our house right? Or how can you get lost driving around in the city? I say these things because abstract art is seemingly something that is just thrown together. 

But is it really?

Here is my definition of what abstract art means to me. A painting or depiction of a feeling, emotion, or thing. What do I mean by that? Abstract paintings look to be just paint thrown around on a canvas with random colors but in actuality (and in reality I can only speak for my own abstract art pieces) there is a complete or incomplete thought process behind each stroke and each color of paint. 

Simone Abstract Art

Have you ever felt that you could not find the words to describe or explain a feeling? That has definitely been the case for me on several occasions. This is why I love to turn to abstract paint. Also since being more of a realism artist I love the opportunity to be “carefree” and let a painting take on a form of its own.

Check out my latest abstract works of arts on IG and tell me what do you feel or think of when you see it.

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