Time Blocking | Does it Really Work?

So it has been one full week since fully being committed to time blocking. I must say again that it is truly a game changer for me. I was able to realize a few things right off the back and that was I do Too Much! lol I have a lot going on and not enough time.

During this first week I say that I had to make some adjustments to my schedule and move some things around. I also felt a little anxious at first and also rushed to complete certain tasks before my allotted time ran out for that specific item. Hence why I must readjust my schedule.

I find it beneficial to not be so annal about filling up every minute of your day but allowing perhaps 15 minutes in between certain task can help account for those runs to the bathroom or maybe unexpected calls from grandma. Sometimes it can afford you the time to be ahead of your schedule and what a great feeling that is to be early for an event/appointment for once. Even if its just a few minutes.

Overall I really enjoyed the time blocking. I felt that I was being more productive or perhaps it was because I can physically see on paper that I am being productive. I feel more motivated to accomplish my tasks and goals.

My main objective for this moving forward is being more aware of my time management and realistic thinking. I am so much of an optimistic at time that it makes me a little unrealistic however time blocking has really been able to show me the real. laugh of loud  

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  • That’s a good point and idea, to chart in time for breaks in between tasks!!


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