Painting with Gamblin Oil Paints is True Love

So I have been painting for 3 years now. In the beginning I was painting only with acrylic paints. However I have been finding it a struggle and a bit frustrating with blending and really having control of the paints. So I decided to try some oil paints and the first oil paint I grabbed was Gamblin Oil Paints.

Simone Paints Brandy with oil paintsWhen I tell you that Gamblin Oil Paint changed the game for me I am telling no lies! I absolutely fell in love with the first stroke.

The first thing  I decided to paint was a portrait of the beautiful and talented singer Brandy. Literally one of my favs. I found it so easy pretty (much effortless) to painting and blend and create beautiful transitions from tones and colors.

Now there are a few reasons why I think Gamblin has something really special here. One the paint is accessible and not overly expensive. Now they have a student grade and a professional grade and me being the pro-fess-ional that I am I also grab the higher end paint but honestly both paints are created with so much integrity I barely can tell the difference.

Another reason why Gamblin Oil Paints are amazing is because the creators of these paints Are Also Painters. So they know exactly what an artist like myself is looking for in a paint and they hit the nail right on the head. Not only that but they pride themselves with making safe mediums for us and for the planet.


Lastly, I feel that as an artist coming from a Fine Arts background where my main medium was graphite pencil on paper I think oil paints is such a natural transition. If you're an artist thats use to spending time rendering shadows and puling out highlights I honestly think Gamblin Oil Paints are the perfect match for you. 

I will be trying my colors from Gamblin and will definitely be sharing my thoughts with you. Meanwhile check out my finish piece of Brandy here. Happy painting and stay creative.



  • Amazing!

  • Your expertise in arts really shines here! I love heading you talk about your process

    Sierra Allia

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