Starting My Clothing Line | The Aaliyah Pop Hoodie

I am so excited to finally announce that I am creating my clothing line! This has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and now it's finally coming to fruition. My collection will include very exclusive items featuring my original artwork. Except to see hoodies, t-shirts, hats and eventually much more. With my art it is my goal to make everyone's favorite comfy clothing item stylish and edgy, making the piece a fashion statement. You can wear it anywhere.


My first release to my clothing line is the Aaliyah Pop hoodie. The original painting was created with acrylics using a reddish pink, neon blue, bright yellow paint, while using mars black to define her timeless features. I created a digital version of my painting that will be printed on bright white cotton hoodies. I choose white because it is one of my favorite colors (although people would argue that white is not a color, we will save that for another blog), and more than that, these primary colors really pop the most off a nice clean white canvas. Printed using the DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing technique, these cotton hoodies are high quality, ensuring long lasting designs.


The special thing about my clothing line is that each piece that I create will be limited edition. For my first piece, the Aaliyah Pop hoodie, there will only be 50 hoodies available for purchase, first come first serve. Make sure you are the first to know by following me on IG @simone_agoussoye and subscribing to my email list. Y'all are going to love me for this one, especially if you are a Aaliyah Fan. #neverforgotten. Mark your calendars and put aside your coins, so you can take advantage of this must-have special release!

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