Is Art School Really Worth It?

Should I go to Art School? That is the question one can ask themselves over again and again. Or maybe you are not an artist but yet the question still remain, Should I go to college. Is it worth it do you need it?

It has been reported that out of all the college students and graduates in America 70 percent have student loans. Today, student loan debt is about $1.5 trillion collectively. Now lets break that down individual where you will find that the average collage graduate has about $30,000 in student loans debt. If only I was so fortunate and average but no, not me! I owe 4 times that much and all for what? 

Simone Self taught Artist

Now the question I asked at the forefront was is college really worth it? I would have to say that is a hard no. No it's not worth it. Okay wait, lets talk about this for a little bit. Now there are a few factors to consider when thinking and discussing about being 30 thousand dollars in the hole. The first and most important question is what are you going to school for? So many people are running to go to school and don't even know what they want to do as a career.

Quick Fact:

Only 27 percent of college graduates work in the field related to their major.
Now these numbers are looking quite lopsided. So the question is - is college really worth it? 

Now the answer is going to be different for each person and reasoning and understanding. I went the the Art Institute of Washington and majored in Graphic Design. My whole college experience is a whole other story that we will save for a different day. However, I do feel that I would have been just fine and in a better finical situation had I not took on almost $100,000 in student. Yes I said it 100,000 American dollars.

I can write for days on this subject but I have one better for you. Check out my YouTube video where I go into details on my viewpoint of going to school. Let me know your thoughts in the comment and if or was school with it for you.  

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  • Whew speak on it! That’s why the president past a bill reversing the decision to make college graduates get priority for government jobs. It’s been proven time and again that although it has value, its value is minimal and the debt incurred proves to be more of a headache than anything else!


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