Do I Really Need a Website?

Is a website really necessary when running a business? Absolutely! Now it doesn't have to be something you grab right away but it is very much necessary especially during the times we are living in namely COVID-19. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a website when running a business. 

1. Establish Your Business 
Having a website makes your business appear more legit and it is of course. People are constantly searching google and the other online application to look up a business or to learn more about what a company has to offer so missing out on this real estate opportunity is a huge mistake. 

2. Sell Products
This is my favorite reason as to why you should have a website. Having a online store gives you such a huge advantage over a physical store. The price to maintain a virtual store is less expensive than maintaining a physical store and paying for rent, electricity, and all the other nuances that comes with having a physical space.

Even more so with COVID-19 shutting small and large businesses worldwide how much more so would an online shop benefit you. When the only option people have to shop is virtually. 

Websites are important

3. Prove Creditability 
So this point goes into the establishing your business however you don't want to just have any old Go Daddy throw away website. You need to have a nice organized website that clearly presents and represents your brand on a high level.

4. Owning Your Space
Now having ownership to your space is something people often fail to realize. People build these multi-million billion business on instagram, youtube, tik tok, facebook, etc but they fail to realize that they do not own these spaces. Having you own website gives you ownership to you own space in this digital world. You have control over your website. Can nobody take that away from you so you should def make sure you get yourself a website if you don't already have one. 

5. Build A Community
In addition to having a place you can call your own you can build and customize a community like no other. This is an amazing way to have engaging and reoccurring visitors to your page.  

There are so many reasons why having a website is so important especially in 2020. So be sure to grab yourself a domain name and launch that website. Fun Fact I am a graphic designer web developer by trade so if you have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will answer them. Now go be great! 



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  • Yessss! I love this article. It’s so true, having a website for any business or venture really increases ones credibility and makes people be like “Oh you’re official!!”

    Sierra Allia

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