Practice Makes Perfect | Tip for Aspiring Artist

Honestly, no matter what you are trying to do or get better at whether it be singing, dancing, writing, or painting the number one saying is practice makes perfect. Now reaching perfection is no easy task especially when we as mere humans are imperfect. However, I feel that there are levels of perfection and each person's definition of perfection is defined in their own unique perfect way. Meaning what seems perfect to me may not be perfect for you. But let's get more into this subject. 

The Oxford definition of the noun perfection is the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. Normally I would list the second and third definition but I believe Oxford nailed this one right on the head first try. The part of the definition I would like you to key in on is the later part where it says “the condition or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects”. Did you notice how it included the word possible.

Now let’s break down the Oxford definition of possible - able to be done; within the power or capacity of someone or something. Key point in this definition? ‘Within the power or capacity of someone or something'.

Grow to your own level of perfection because art is subjective

So when you put it all together here is the conclusion definition, perfection is the condition or quality of being as free as within the power or capacity of oneself to accomplish a certain thing. I hope that wasn’t too much for you.

Perfect Africa PaintingAll I’m saying is that you determine your own perfection in your craft, whether it be singing, dancing, or drawing. Also, the cool thing is that what you might consider perfection last month can be completely different the following month. Currently for me perfection is ensuring my pieces are created with the highest quality materials and that no spec is out of place. That is why in the photo you see my up close and personal with my piece ensuring the perfection.

You are your own limit. You want to get better, keep working at it repeatedly and you will grow to your own level of perfection. This holds true especially in the arts, because art is so subjective. So be free and as always be creative. xoxo

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  • Yesssss!!! That’s it right there! When we speak about being a perfectionists it’s always (or should be) according to our own personal criteria! And that’s why it’s sometimes challenging to have someone do something in our place because we determine our own perfection based on ourselves but our best differs from person to person. But this was a really great read!


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