Paint Your Self-Portrait

How do you view yourself? Stop and really think about that question.

As a portrait Artist I paint many faces and many people. Each painting is such an intimate and personal experience for me. Constantly looking at photos of someone and really trying to learn who they are and not just get a likeness with the painting but also the personality. Now when you think about painting yourself the same rules apply however it is much more intimate and much deeper. 

This is the first stage of the painting. Deciding the composition of the subject (subject meaning you). You have to decide how you will use the space on the blank canvases to place the yourself and what angle you will use and what features will be dominate and capture the light and which features will fall more so in shadow. Talk about intimacy. 

Simone Agoussoye the Artist

Sometimes painting oneself can be a bit intimidating. It requires spending time staring at yourself and not in a necessary admiring I like my selfie kinda way but in an evaluation type of way. You are studying the details of all the shapes that make up you being and then isolating those shapes in proper proportion and relationship to one another. This is the stage that you a working to create and build a likeness. Talk about honesty. 

Now this is the fun part. You sort of have an idea on what colors you plan on using at the onset of the painting. However, now is the moment to truly commit to you color palette choice and express your creative energy and the emotions that create the larger part of your personality. I love color. Color has so much meaning and a huge impact on our thought pattern that we don't even realize.

Simone the Artist

Different colors can evoke different emotions in us. Red can make us more alert and caution of what is going on around us. Blue can put us in a more relaxing state and breezy. Yellow can brighten up our day and provide high and energetic vibes. I can talk about colors for days but we will save that for another blog. Feel free to learn more about color in this amazing article that discusses the meaning behind certain colors. 

If and when you take on the thrilling challenge of paining oneself you will be pleasantly welcomed on a journey that you may never have realized existed. I hope I have encourage you to take on this challenge and I would love to see the beautiful artwork you create of your selves so be sure to tag me on Instagram @simone_agoussoye or shoot me a message on Facebook. Be happy, and Be Creative. xoxo

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  • I could only imagine it would be intimidating just like if someone ask you to describe yourself! Lol. I wonder what it would look like to paint ones self without a reference pic


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