My First African Inspired Painting

Have you ever been to Africa? Africa is the second largest continent in the world and home to the largest and hottest desert, the Sahara desert! Something funny about that fact is that my very first African painting is my Sahara inspired piece which I created after my first trip to Africa. 


Going to Africa was always a huge dream of mine. When I was 19, my friend and I actually planned to spend 3 months on the continent, in Ghana. While that didn’t happen, five years after setting that goal, I was finally able to go to Africa. Thus far, I’ve been to Ghana and Togo and have plans to visit Benin, South Africa, and Zambia in the very near future. With each visit my aspirations to create African Art continues to grow and grow to the point where I physically can not keep the ideas inside anymore. But first, let's talk about what truly inspired my very first African Inspired Painting. 

African Art

I was inspired to create this piece because I wanted to match the decor of my new home which was already fully furnished and decorated by my husband who is from West Africa. However, as the painting developed I realized that not only was I adding to the decor of my home but I also was absorbing and incorporating my husband's culture and my experiences from my trip to Africa into this work. Within this work I found literal pieces of me and my experiences, and it would stand as a landmark recalling that beautiful experience. I must say I’m still proud of it down to this day.

While COVID-19 has canceled a lot of our planned  trips back “home,” to “The Motherland” I can still use my many beautiful memories to visit mentally, and through my art I can bring all the things I love about the continent to life and to others. The colors, the people, the culture, the beautiful elements of nature, the clothing and so much more. This piece is the first and oldest piece in my African inspired art collection and I look forward to guiding you through the evolution of these pieces inspired by such a beautiful part of the earth. 

December 6th I will be showcasing all of my pieces in this African Inspired Collection during The Motherland Exhibit. I can not wait for you to experience Africa through my eyes - through my art. Make sure you get on my VIP list to get special,  behind-the-scenes insights and free entry to the event. 

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