Starting An African Art Collection

Africa holds a very close and true place in my heart. The motherland of all lands and the home of my future. I love Africa. I’ve visited twice now spending ample time in west Africa in Ghana and Togo which I often refer to as home. I love Africa. 

Starting my African Art Collections has always been a goal of mines but being drown in Commission work and my 9-5 career and the fear of not meeting my own expectations held me back for 3 long years. I’m honestly not sure what I was afraid of most failing or never starting. But the question was ‘how can I fail?’  

African Artist Simone Agoussoye

Art is soooo subjective and I’ve never been the one to pay a lot of attention to what the pay day. I create art for my own self healing and happiness. Others can benefit from the joy and live I put into a piece but if they don’t like it then obviously that piece of art was not meant for them. You will often hear me say that the world is too big to focus on what one or two or even 100 people say. So go for it. Create that piece you have been dying to create or too scared to start be wise that is exactly what I did by starting my African art collection. 

Now right now there isn’t much too it since I am finally getting started and in the groove. I’m trying to finish out all my commission and close commissions for the rest of the year so I can start creating art that really speaks to my creative soul without feeling guilty of unfinished paintings someone else paid for already. 

African Wrap Life

Needless to say I am super excited for this collection and I know it’s going to be the best works of Art that I create because of how close and dear Africa is too me. So I hope you are ready for this trip in creating the Simone Agoussoye African Art Collection. 

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  • I’m so ready. I love how you say that’s the home of your future. Thats what true love does… makes you become one with your mates home. How nice!!

    Sierra Allia

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