How to Price Your Artwork - Charge By Size

Trying to figure out how much to start charging for my artwork was such a scary topic. I would actually ask my friends to price my pieces for me that is how scared I was when it came to pricing my artwork. One question I had to ask myself is: should I be selling my artwork? So first you need to figure out that part before moving on to actually figuring out the price.

If you are ready to start charging for your art work here is how I currently price my Artwork. This is the best method that I found to be helpful and make the process of figuring out numbers super simple and that is by pricing by size and style.

When I started off selling my art I charged .25 cents per square inch. This is where those math classes come into play. So $.25 per square inch is configured this way. For example a 16 x 20 inch painting would be charged this way. You multiply 16 by 20 to get the number of square inches: 16 x 20 = 320. Now you take that 320 and multiple that number by .25 (25 cents) and that is your price: $80.

I recently switched over to charging by linear inch because the pricing base on size has a more lateral transition and makes more sense as the pieces get larger. Meaning the prices don't have such a large jump as the size grows. The math for charging by linear inch is by adding the width and length then multiply that number by your linear inch rate.

For example: if your linear inch price is  $2.50, the price is configured like this 16 + 20 = 36. Multiply 36 by 2.50 and that gives you your price of $90.

These pricing structures are widely accepted in the Art Marketing field and it makes the most sense to me. Using this in combination with other tips I give on pricing your artwork will help you starting pricing your Art. So my question to you now is: How Much Is Your Painting? 

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