Honest Words Are Not Painful

During my daily bible reading I came across a passage that read those exact words from the title of this blog. The first part of Job 6:25 reads "Honest words are not painful!" Now this line really jumped out at me because so often we hear people say "the truth hurts' but why is that? Especially when those same people can turn around and say "the truth will set you free" but will it?

I really connected to those words and I strive to always be honest with my words. When you are honest you don't have any fear that the truth might come out, whatever that truth might be. One of my rules of thumb is never say something I wouldn't want repeated in my absent. Meaning I can say something to you about X Y Z and have no worries if A B C hears about it. Especially if it is true statements. And not just true, but facts.

Simone at National Harbor

Now of course there are things that should be intimate and kept between two people but even within those moments of intimacy the exchange is an honest one.

Some may feel that it is hard to be honest, like straight up raw honest. But like from my last blog, practice makes perfect. The more you practice being honest the easier it will come. There nothing more freeing then truly being who you are. Love yourself and stand by your choices in life. Whether good or bad because those choices play a part of making you who you are today. And if no one told you today, I love you! Stay safe :*

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  • Honesty is so valuable. It’s hard to remember that in a world where it seems like the dishonest prosper and are happy and the honest are just taken advantage of and viewed as annoying or worst – gullible. But the Bible is right, and just like you mentioned, you avoid a bunch of drama by not doing or saying something that you don’t want someone else to see or hear about.


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