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It's Fridayyyy yayyyyy! Super excited. Not sure what day of the week you are reading this but let me tell you how excited I am. Not only is it Friday my full-time job just announced summer hours. Woo Who! Yes, I said my Full-Time job. A lot of you all didn't realize I still work a 9-5 job event though I work 7-4 hours. As an emerging entrepreneur I have yet made my Artistry my Full-Time job although it is very much a full-time job.

In my full time office job I am a graphic design and HTML developer working 7-4. Then as an Artist I work 4-12 and the weekends. Now in additional to my 2 full-time jobs I participate in a bible education program where I devote 70 hours a month to. And that is not it. On top of that I am a wife. Trust me the titles and roles go on and on but you can pretty much paint the picture.

Have A Lot Going On?

So the question that people often ask is How In the World Do You Manage All of THAT?! The answer is simple; Time Blocking. I spend a lot of time organizing my days filling out to do list and writing in my day planner. I have over a gizzilion bullet journals and notebooks. However, my new found love is time blocking with my google calendar. It's a match made. 

Simone planning her day.What is time blocking? This is when you take a list of task and you assign them different time slots. Its a concept my cousin first introduced to me but I didn't take the initiative until one of my friends decided to try it. And I must say it is looking like a total game changer. I'm finally able to get to all the things that I say I want to do. I'm feeling more accomplished and organized. I can look back on my days and see what I've been spending time on and truly making the best out of my time.

If you want to get started with time blocking check out this video on youtube that gives you all the tips to get started. If you already are using the system I would love to hear your feedback. Anywho, Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend! xoxo

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  • I look forward to see how the time blocking works in the long term! You’re always so productive anyway


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