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Would you look at me and think that I am an avid reader? Like if you didn't know me (some of you might not know me and this is the first time here) would you guess that I love to read? Well then you already know me very well, kinda. lol 

I absolutely love reading. Reading is such a power tool. However, whats funny is that while in highschool and college I did not like English class. Odd right? I don't know what it was about that English class that always annoyed me, the teacher, the forced literature, the labor writing assignments. But being free to read and write is a different kind of feeling, a feeling of freedom. 

Here are 3 reasons why I feel that reading is sooo important. Reading can give you valuable information.


Reading is so different from someone verbally telling you something vs sitting down and reading it yourself (this dos not include audible - well discuss that in a sec). When you read information for yourself it sticks to you better. 

When you read information for yourself it sticks to you better.
Reading a Book

Reading can allow you the time to really process the information. This is why meditation often go hand and hand with reading. Especially for deeper readings, sometimes it takes the same amount of time spent reading that you should spend meditating on what you read. That way it'll help you evaluate how to best use that information in your personal life. 

Reading is so beneficial for so many reasons. And as mention earlier whether you physically read or listen to the audio recording such as a platform like audible you still can gain great value. I love audible, however I do always buy the printed hardcover is available version to all the audible and audio recordings that I listen to. It's just something about having that tangible feeling while reading. Plus I love the act of physically writing with pen and paper sol I take lots of notes in my little books. 

However, I encourage you to read and continue reading. Read more and more. Check out my reading list if you are looking for any ideas or suggestions and as always be creative and keep creating. xoxo

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  • Send me your reading list!! You definitely do read and listen to a lot of books! Since I’ve known you you be dropping all the gems from various books and publications you’ve read. I agree with you.

    I think reading is one of the single most important things that school teaches us. It’s one of the main ways to intake information and not to be cliche but knowledge truly is power. Jehovah teaches us the power of studying and reading in our personal lives, but even in smaller veins, having that ability to research and find out what others have experienced and experimented on and things that have been proven to be fact or not, can really help us to expand the way we look at the world, deal with others and carry on our affairs. It’s like each time we read we are adding another persons viewpoint to whatever endeavor we are doing, and there’s power in numbers!


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