Dust Yourself Off & Try Again!

It’s less than a week away from my very first virtual art and entertainment showcase that I’m hosting under my brand and headlining, and my emotions are all a flutter. If you told me last year I’d be planning something like this, I’d probably say “I’m going to add that to my list...” and then add it to the very bottom never to be revisited lol!

At the beginning of this year and even before, I felt that I was gaining a bit of momentum in my art career and had found a path that I’d been pursuing earnestly - that of exhibiting solo. I’d done fairs and festivals before with a plethora of companies and artists but as my collection grows, solo exhibiting is much more my speed and much more fun to prepare for as it allows for so much for control on the part of the artist. My first solo exhibition paired with its own opening

reception was set for the month of March and I couldn’t have been more excited. But as is the normality in this world, unforeseen circumstances as a result of COVID, prevented any of that to really happen.

Fast forward a bit, and now, over three months later, necessity has led to almost every event you can think of occurring virtually - including art shows. 

With this new means of reaching people, I was inspired to take what I had - my art, my team and a bevy of artists in my network - and create an event that although virtual, would give people something they would never forget. Now - on top of the COVID - civil unrest is at an all time high, and we all are on edge and unsettled. The constant feed of bad news that’s really happening out there tugs at your heart strings and your sense of hopelessness, causing us to yearn even more for the future the Bible promises us.

In the meantime, in addition to sharing good news with others, I wanted to present an evening of entertaining, clean, wholesome but mostly FUN activities as a diversion and as a way of lifting the spirits of my followers and friends and the online community at large. In collaboration with In Good Taste Wines, I am hosting an event featuring three other artists (Ed Jeff Art, Rachel Natalie Art and Antonia Marie Art) and some of their work. There will also be live musical

performances and spoken word sessions, capped off with a few hours of dancing our behinds off to the musical stylings of DJ Krunchy and DJ Nonay.

Occurring this coming Sunday, June 21 at 7pm ET, I’d love to see you there. The dress code is all white if you have your camera on - which we really hope you will - and four opportunities to win an 8 bottle collection of wine from our sponsor, In Good Taste Wines ($65 in value) will be had. We will also be collaborating with Superior Wireless and DemGirls Q&A. To register and get the dial in information, please see our event page here.

I hope to see you there!

Image Credits: Image 1: Rachel Natalie Art Image 2: Ed Jeff Art Image 3: Antonia Marie Art


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