Commissions Are Closed...kinda

My love hate relationship with commissions is something I have been open about and honest since I started this whole art journey 3 years ago. I remember it was a commission that actually got me back into painting in 2017 and do you know that that painting is STILL unfinished 3 years later. Smh


It’s a sad reality for most artist to have unfinished paintings laying all around but having unfinished commissions from years ago. No bueno. Even thou this might make some seem like a terrible artist to admit how horrible I am with commissions but I just want to keep it all the way real for those who are ever so interested in sharing this art journey with me.


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  • You’re definitely not a terrible artists!! In an ideal world, artists aren’t supposed to do commissions! Your art is YOUR expression! Doing commission is the business side of things not the art side! You’re great at what you do


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