Artist vs Creative - Which Are You?

Now this is a subject I’ve been dying to talk to you guys about. And I just want to put a disclaimer out there that these are just my own personal thoughts. Not factual to any degree but my mines. So now that I got that out the way let's get into it. 

I am an artist, if this is the first time you are reading my blog. I’ve been drawing and painting from a very young age. However, in the past few years of my art journey I find myself constantly saying that I am not creative. I say this not to be hard on myself or in a bad way necessarily. 

People tell me that I am so creative but I don’t feel that I am that creative. Let me explain why. 

Simone Paints
I am primarily a portrait artist. That means that I paint people. In order to paint people I am constantly looking at different photos of people from different angles and positions. For me, being an artist consists of 60% looking and 40% painting. So to get to the point that I mentioned earlier about not being creative, I say this because I am only painting what I see. I am not adding any imaginative element or aspect to the painting. But the funny thing about this is as I am writing this I can see where I am actually indeed creative. 

being an artist consists of 60% looking and 40% painting

Finished PaintingSo what was to be a simple blog has now become my self realization piece. I am creative. Just a little thou. So to explore the aspects where I can see my creativeness working is when I created my surrealism pop portraits painted with bright non flesh colors. So now that I am thinking more and writing out my thoughts I can see that I am creative, in a small way. However I do not consider myself super creative.

My goal is to do more exploration within my art. I have a few ideas that I need to test out and feel that it will definitely change my art game. I will keep you posted but make sure you follow me on instagram to keep up with my art journey.

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  • Read this yesterday but forgot to comment. Definitely agree that creativity is in everyone and differs from person to person. For some it’s simply being able to create something, for others it’s the ability to conceptualize something, for others it’s both, and for others it’s mainly the execution or being unique. But we all have the capacity, in the image of our creator


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